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Five attractive places in Phuket – Thailand

Phuket is a beautiful place to visit and there are a number of spots that you should not miss when you visit the place. These five spots that are actually the attractions in Phuket have been mentioned below:

1. Wat Chalong:

Wat Chalog are considered to be the temples that are the most important and always visited by the tourists every years. The place is decorated in a beautiful way and there are lots of reflections from great numbers of small pieces of glass and certain pagodas. When there are some of the special holidays, the fairs of the country are hosted by Wat Chalong with a literal local flavor and you are at liberty for buying anything from there. This place has an interesting and a unique history and is considered to be the spiritual center of the island of Phuket. It is said that if you do not visit this place then you have not seen anything in Phuket.

2. The show of Simon Cabaret:

Probably it is the greatest transvestite entertainment show; it is found on the local level in Phuket. In this show there is featured a splendid show with a musical floor and the performance is given by the world’s most popular lady-boys. The costumes there are quite fabulous and it’s really fun to be there.
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3. Phi Phi Island:

This island is considered to be one of the attractions in Phuket and the superstar island of Thailand. Oftentimes the movies are shot near this island. Lots of travelers and tourists like to discuss this place throughout the country of Thailand. Some people also think that it can be the only reason for visiting and touching down the region of Phuket. When you visit this place, you would never be disappointed; that is a sure thing. The beauty of this place is like a large piece of allure. When you reach the island while travelling by boat, the view looks splendid. There are cliffs around this island and you would just love this place.

4. The Fanta sea show of Phuket:

It is considered to be funning and amusing but is done in a very professional way. The bar hanging artists, the elephants seen on the stage and the firework display is presented in combination. The show is presented similar to the style of show in Las Vegas. There won’t be seen anything else like this show anywhere on the earth. The traditional myths of Thailand are combined with comedy, fantasies and other amusing things for providing as much entertainment to the audience as possible.

5. The viewpoints of Phuket:

There are great numbers of viewpoints in the eastern and western sides of Phuket. They provide the views for both sun rise and sun set. There can also be seen the spectacular views of the stretching of ocean and the islands. These viewpoints can be seen at different spots in the region of Phuket and there would be guides who will assist you to look in the right direction and get pleased by the beauty of nature.

All these places are the attractions in Phuket and they are really liked by the visitors.

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